Research Firm Affirms Huawei Became World’s Top Seller Of Smartphones


Research firm affirms Huawei Technologies Co has actualised its goal of becoming the world’s top seller of smartphones, just in the second quarter of the year, catalysed by the rapid economic recovery in its home market of China, according to research firm Canalys.

The COVID-19 outbreak has fueled in the damping damands as lack of innovation led people to hang on to their old models longer than norm as a years-long slump in the world’s smartphone market.

For the first time in nine years which is the second quarter of the year that neither Apple Inc. nor Samsung Electronics Co. had come or ranked No. 1.” Canalys was quoted by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) as reported on Friday.

Healthforbes Media gathered that according to the research firm’s analysis. “The Chinese telecom giant has grown more reliant than ever before on its home market since the United State’s restrictions that curbed its way to the Google software fueled its phones less attractive to users in Europe and other overseas markets.


But it worked in Huawei’s favor in the second quarter as China’s economy rebounded after the country aggressively tackled the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Our business has demonstrated exceptional resilience in these trying times.” the WSJ quoted a Huawei spokesman in his words.

Almost three-fourths of the Huawei smartphones sold in the second quarter were sold in China, compared with 64% a year earlier- Canalys.

Since 1998, Canalys has grown to become to become popularly known for its research in technology channels and smartphones,” just according to the research firm’s introduction on Linkedln.