Healthforbes Services

Healthforbes is a fusion of health, pharmaceuticals, finance, nutrition, trending news, sex & relationship and telecommunication (ICT) informations.
Fostering innovative solutions in healthcare system, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, trending news, finance & business and telecommunication (ICT) are our core values. We offer professional services such as herbal curative therapies, web-development services, web-design services, SEO services and freelance writing.


– Pharmaceutical wholesale supplies
-SEO services
-Freelance writing
-Relationship coaching
-We sell herbal products
-We employ people with the above skills with 40% payments from clients to healthforbes company

Healthforbes Pharmaceuticals

Healthforbes pharmaceuticals is skilled at pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical sales.
We have sales representatives around the globe…Just make your orders or contact us on +2348060368759.

Our Affiliate Offers

We offer affiliate services…Bring your products to us and we sell for you. we charge 40% of every sales we make for you. We accept sponsor posts and online banner adverts…


” We move at a fast pace. We are always working on something new to create employment for skillful unemployed Nigerians. Contact us.



  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Backlinks Building
  • 1 week support



  • For Bloggers
  • For Offices
  • For Companies
  • For Schools


Freelance Services

  • 1500 SEO Words
  • 2 Keywords
  • 3 Subheadings
  • 1 H1 Heading
  • 2 H2 Headings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who are healthforbes?

Healthforbes is a trusted online platform fusioned with health, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, sex & relationship, finance, trending news and telecommunication (ICT) News. We are digital explorers, trying to inspire and educate our readers  with our global briefings.

Healthforbes provides employment and services to every skillfull Nigerian.We stand as a middle man between our clients and our workers. We employ skillful workers to attend to our clients with 40% of payments from our clients paid to Healthforbes company while 60% goes to our prestigious employees.

How much does healthforbes services cost?

The costs associated with healthforbes services varies. Our herbal products prices arent displayed online as we consults our patients before disclosing our herbal products.

For SEO, web-development, web-design and freelance services, our prices are displayed and non-negotiable.

Does healthforbes provide Jobs for Undergraduate?

Yes healthforbes provide job oportunities for skillful Nigerian students who are skilled in computer science, software engineering, web-developement, web-design, SEO expert, photo-shopping, freelance writing, journalism and editors…We take 40% of the services offered by our workers to our clients.

Can i work for healthforbes company?

Yes you can work with healthforbes company only when you have the following skills:

-Web- developer


-SEO Expert

-SEO freelance writer

-Certified relationship coach

Are you hiring?

Yes…We hire SEO experts, web-designers and web developers, SEO freelance writer, Nutritionist, and relationship coach.

40% of every services rendered by our workers are paid to Healthforbes company.

Healthforbes is a trusted online platform that creates employment and services for skillful unemployed Nigerians. Contact Us.

Our Clients Testimonies

“I was super skeptical about healthforbes herbal products until i decided to give it a shot. I can honestly say im officially on the daily weightloss recipes i purchased from Healthforbes Pharmaceuticals.
Hilary Leigh

My company’s website was developed and designed by healthforbes for $800, what a cheap price! and its simply amazing!Here in United states web-developers costs me $2500 but in Nigeria were Healthforbes is based i paid just $800 for a very beautiful and well designed website with 5 beautiful pages for my company.
Hall Read


I lost about 7Ibs, and its true what someone said….you feel more energy. See the flatter tummy and just ‘feel” better. My girlfriend decided to do this with me, and shes down 10 Ibs…To the rest of you that just started…You can do it
I Lost 7pounds!

My dad was diagnosed of diabetes and Ulcer. I was sad and confused as the only child of my parent so i decided to share my problems with my friend and he told me about H.Forbes herbal product and i decided to give it a shot and guess what? My dad is well!
Jillie Tempest