Kaduna Government Has Ban Checkpoints Along Kaduna-Abuja Highway

Kaduna State

The Kaduna State Security Council has announced that its decision of September 4, 2019 prohibiting checkpoints was still in force because of the complaints by residents of Kaduna State metropolis on the alleged mounting of checkpoints on the Kaduna-Abuja Highway by some security personnels.

The decision was made last year by the council, notifying residents of its plan to ban checkpoints along the popular highway and other routes.

“Any person or group of persons observed to be manning checkpoints along these routes at any times must be considered as carrying out illegal operations and must be treated as such.

Kaduna State

“Road users are strictly warned not to show compliance with any any checkpoint on this route at this time,” the council said.

Mr Samuel Aruwan who is the Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs in Kaduna State has advised residents to report any violation of this directive to Security Operation Centre.

H-Forbes reporters gathered that the decision to ban the security checkpoints was borne out of series of complaint and suspicion of conspiracy between security agents and bandits operating along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway.