Just In: NEMA says Rivers flood beyond our prediction


National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA said the immensity of Flood in River State this year was beyond what the agency had foretell.


H-Forbes gathered that Walson lbarakumo, the south-south coordinator of NEMA, disclosed this in an interview with our communicator in Port Harcourt, The River State’s Capital.


Walson said ” ln the yearly flood views that was released, they said its going to be above normal. But this is distant from what we have captured.


“What we have captured is that we have inundated Ahoada-west, Ahoada-East, Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni, Abua/Odual to a vast scale because this year flooding is River flooding that you know waters over flow the banks”.


He mourned that there are no refugee camps in the State, saying Council Chairman in flooded areas has neglected to set up camps in spite to the previous warning of the agency’s.


” ls it contingent for the federal government to build camps for every community that is affected by floods? National Disaster Management framework is where duties are allocated.”


“It’s so unlucky that local government and most states don’t take up those obligations. Now in the National Disaster Management group, this is time for ACTION , which means you are to go out there and give those homless people shelter, spoken by Walson lbarakumo.”


In the meantime, The Rivers State government said it has begin the spot assessment of communities touched by floods in the four Local Government Areas to ensure the numbers of people put out and roll out adequate assistant.