#EndSARS Protest: No Nigerian blood needs to be spilled during peaceful protest- GEJ

#EndSARS Protest

The former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has reacted to the #EndSARS protest saying that Nigerians don’t deserve to lose their lives while observing a peaceful protest for the advancement of their country.


This was announced by His Excellency, former President of Nigeria via his official twitter account on Tuesday evening.

Recall that H-forbes reported that even though the Inspector-General of Police announced the scrapping of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) on Sunday; just few minutes after announcement the police attacked #EndSARS protesters with tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition.


Amnesty International announced that the Nigeria Police Force had killed 10 persons since the anti-police brutality protests which started last week against FSARS.

Goodluck Jonathan emphasized in his statement that Nigerian’s who are peaceful #EndSARS protesters dont need to be attacked by police officers.

His statement reads; “No Nigerian blood needs to be spilled or life lost during a peaceful protest that seeks to advance our country.

#EndSARS Protest

“We may hold different views on national issues, but there is no doubt that most people desire the same thing for Nigeria, a place where we can all live out the full potential of our God-given abilities. I implore everyone to exercise restriant as we walk through these challenging times- GEJ