“Dont allow any girl make you feel less of man because you can’t afford ‘Bone Straight’ money.”- Rapper, Erigga


Popular Nigerian Rapper, Erigga whose networth is estimated to be $150,000, has come out with some words of advice for young Nigerian men who are out there ‘hustling.’


The ongoing frenzy triggered by the urge to purchase the ‘Bone Straight’ hair or a brand new ‘IPhone 12.’ the rapper who is recently mrried feels some young boys might be putting pressure on themselves to get these expensive gifts in order to impress the female gender.



H-forbes gathered that the rapper warned that if one cannot afford such, it should not make him feel any less of a man.



He tweeted; “As a young man hustling!!!!

“no ever let any girl make you feel less of a man because you no get money to buy her BONE STRAIGHT OR IPHONE 12