BREAKING: President Buhari To Include Youths In Agriculture Investments

President Buhari

On Tuesday, President Buhari disclosed that he would like the youths to participate in Agriculture.


He instigate agencies that are involve in agriculture to organize their primacy in the admittance of youths in driving modern method of farming.


According to a statement by Femi Adesina, His Special Adviser on Media, The President spoke at the origination of the National young farmer scheme designed by the National Agriculture Land Development Authority.


The Statement was said by the President and was captioned, “more youths admittance in modern Agriculture to support economy, enhance earnings.


Muhammadu Buhari guaranteed, those showing interest that an authorized environment would be available for full participation.


He outlined Agriculture has the mainstay of Nigeria economy, being the largest benefactor to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.


“l have directed all National Agricultural Land Development Authority discarded farm estate to be recovered, to make thousand of young men and women have interest in farming again.”


“The management will accomplish agricultural mechanization through this systematic plan and I am bold to say that Nigeria will achieve food security in producing most of what we eat.”


“In good harvest year, we may export our oversum and gain foreign exchange.
With my passion and desire for agriculture and also as a farmer myself, I will directly examine NALDA as a power under the presidency.”


His Excellency also said that “l am told that 4,333 families has gained from this systematic plan of mine and it’s expected that more will gain from this as the activity is deployed.”


Mr Paul lkonne, The Executive Secretary/CEO of NALDA, said the finding of oil hinder the growth of agriculture and raised poverty in rural areas, promising the president that the concerted effort to revive the interest in farming would deal with poverty and create wealth.