BREAKING: Police shut bricklayer in front of his shop


A bricklayer, 36 years old was reputedly shot at a shouting distance by an activate police man in front of the bricklayer shop, on Aba Road, Umuahia, Abia state on Thursday, the bricklayer is presently fighting for his life.


According to the victim reporting his painful experience, said he came close to his workshop to discover how safe it was to open.

He reported “All of a sudden a loud burst of voice said I should run. I looked behind me and l saw policemen and soldiers at my back.

I started running toward a container near by when one of the policemen targeted my leg and shot me.

Immediately one of the soldiers took offence and ask the policeman why did he shoot me and turned him away angrily”.

Ucheama Okani, who was on the hospital bed with Blessing, his first wife, said he turned around and saw blood pouring out from his lap as the bullet penetrated through his thigh and hit the container.

“l immediately took off my trouser and tied my lap, while the people who saw me helpless and in pain, took me to the hospital”.

“It was a church minister that helped me got admitted to the hospital , I’m getting better”.