BREAKING: 20 dead, 13 injured in Sudan Floods

Sudan Floods

Heavy downpour usually hit Sudan between June and October each year which resulted to not less than 20 residents of Sudan murdered and 13 sustained injuries on Sunday the 9th August 2020 in torrential rains and flooding, which according to the civil defence is the latest victims of days of flooding in Sudan.

This week, the country has been terribly battered by the heavy rain according to Healthforbes Media report.

“At least 20 persons died and 13 others sustained injuries while about 345 houses were badly damaged across Sudan on Sunday added the civil defence”

The total number of casualties since the end of July has been confirmed 35 from the latest toll and over 7,000 houses have been destroyed as a result of the heavy downpour which led to flooding.

According to the UN report on Wednesday, not more then 50,000 people had been displaced by the flooding.

Reports by the civil defence on Sunday confirmed that it will dispatch helicopters and supplies to eastern Sudan where a group of miners are left stranded as a result of the rising waters.

Sudan Floods